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The Institute of Indian Classical Music (IICM) is established with a mission to promote Indian classical music, art and dance through teaching, concerts, workshops and lecture-demonstrations. This letter will briefly summarize IICM’s objectives, goals, and services, as well as invite interested institutions to become affiliated with IICM. 

IICM will introduce and establish a modern system of music examinations with objective test questions in English. The music examination will include objective question types such Multiple Choice, Fill-in-the-Blank, True/False, and Mix and Match. Such questions will save time writing lengthy essay responses, while encouraging students to study the material thoroughly and obtain knowledge. These questions can be answered quickly and appeal to students accustomed to the modern education system and /or who study in an English medium. Exams will also include a system of categorized marking to ensure that all students receive a fair score. IICM will additionally introduce online testing for the convenience of candidates who are unable to be physically present at examination centers. We hope these exams will satisfy the clear need to introduce exams in English, as well as in Hindi, so as to give music learners worldwide an opportunity to obtain certificates or diplomas in Indian music. IICM also plans to include exams in Western instruments for students taking lessons on Western music. 

IICM plans to provide text manuals in English, following a clear syllabus. Books or texts in English which cover the essentials of an Indian classical music syllabus are scarce. Furthermore, it is often difficult for students to gain a clear understanding of controversial concepts from the abundance of information found within the many books available on Indian classical music. We hope a dedicated text manual for pedagogical purposes will prove to be both useful and convenient for test takers. 

IICM also plans to give opportunities to top students to perform globally, make arrangements for exchange students, and organize competitions, concerts, concert tours and educational tours which will benefit the students as well as the teachers. In addition, IICM plans to create opportunities for and provide scholarships to talented but unrecognized artists as well as in support of needy students.  

In the future, IICM may have a residential institution where out of state students and students from abroad can reside and study Indian music where local students can enroll for classes and where qualified students can study for free or with a discounted fee. 

We welcome any institutions interested in becoming affiliated with IICM and utilize our examination system. 

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